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Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Urine Specimen Collection Training

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Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated urine specimen collections are an important part of employment and workplace screenings. As a collector, you will perform DOT urine specimen collections for drug and alcohol testing, return-to-duty testing, and more.


In order to perform DOT-regulated urine specimen collections, you will need to complete qualification training. Transmetron's online course in Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulated Urine Specimen Collection satisfies the requirements for qualification training.


Synopsis - Course Overview


Basic Information


Qualification Training


DOT UDS Refresher Training


DOT UDS Error Correction Training


"Train the Trainer" Training



Certified Urine Specimen Collector Training

Synopsis - Course Overview

A drug collector is a person who instructs and assists employees at a collection site, who receives and makes an initial inspection of the specimen provided by those employees, and who initiates and completes the Chain of Custody Form. The drug collector has direct, face to face contact with the employee/subject. Without the collector ensuring the integrity of the urine specimen and collection process, the test itself may lose credibility.


Under the US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, an individual performing urine drug collection must receive Qualification Training.


Our web-based collector training procedural course satisfies the requirements for qualification training as outlined in Federal Regulations, 49 CFR Part 40.


    Contents Include:
  • Monitored and observed collections
  • Donor Identification
  • Custody and control forms
  • Procedures for urine collection


Complete the DOT required procedural training online. Once your procedural collector training is completed the DOT requires completion of five observed mock collections under various scenarios. These can be completed via webcam or in-person with an experienced and qualified trainer through Proficiency Demonstration instruction and practical mock collections.


After completion of collector qualification training and five mock collections you are fully qualified to perform DOT urine specimen collections. You will receive completion certifications for the Procedural Training and Mock Test Practicals.



Basic Information and Qualification Training

    In this comprehensive class for DOT urine drug screen specimen collections, you will learn:
  • >The requirements for becoming a certified DOT drug screen collector
  • >How to properly prepare your facility for testing
  • >The step-by-step process for conducting a drug screen in accordance with DOT guidelines
  • >How to interact with the donor and respond to various problem collection scenarios


    This course features:
  • >Interactive Content
  • >Scenarios
  • >Quizzes & Assessments


Qualification Training

The first part of this course meets the DOT “Qualification” training requirement through our on-line webinar sessions. You may start or stop the presentation at any time and return to finish a section as needed. Once you have completed this course, you are ready to take the "Proficiency Demonstration" portion of this course. For more information, see DOT UDS Qualification Training


Note: This course is step 1 of a 2-step process. Step 2 is the Proficiency Demonstration of five error-free mock collections, which is required by DOT to be monitored in real-time by a qualified training monitor. We offer the mock collections monitoring both on-site and via video conference.



DOT Urine Drug Screen Collector Refresher Training

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training


Transmetron’s course satisfies the DOT training requirement for DOT Urine Specimen Collectors to perform the urine collection for DOT drug testing programs. It is composed of two parts as required by the DOT; the “Qualification” training and “Proficiency Demonstration”. This course may be used for Initial Training or the 5 Year Recertification training requirements (refresher training).


Proficiency Demonstration


The second part of the course satisfies the DOT requirement for proficiency demonstration and must be completed within 30 days of completing the “Qualification” training. It is provided as a “live” internet Skype face-to-face conference with a Transmetron staff member. After you have completed the “Qualification” training please call Transmetron to schedule your proficiency demonstration. The proficiency demonstration usually takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete. You will receive instructions on how to set up a free Skype account and your computer must have a web-cam feature or an attached web-cam for video transmission.


DOT Urine Specimen Collector "Proficiency Demonstration" ONLY


This course is used when “Qualification” training was completed with a provider other than Transmetron that did not include “Proficiency Demonstration” or was not completed. This course satisfies the DOT requirement for “Proficiency Demonstration” training when taken within 30 days of completing “Qualification Training”. This course may be used for Initial Training or the 5 Year Recertification “Proficiency Demonstration” requirement.


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This training is provided as a live Skype conference with a Transmetron staff member. After purchasing this course at the online store, please call Transmetron at 801-596-2709 to schedule your proficiency demonstration. The proficiency demonstration usually takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete. You will receive instructions on how to set up a free Skype account and your computer must have a web-cam feature or an attached web-cam for video transmission.



DOT Urine Specimen Collector "Error Correction" Training

This course satisfies the DOT requirements when error correction training is required. Error correction training is required in the event the collector causes a fatal flaw that results in cancellation of the drug test. The Lab/MRO will notify the collector if this is necessary. This course is provided as a live Skype Conference with Transmetron’s qualified staff. Call Transmetron at 801-596-2709 to schedule a time for your correction training. Instructions to set up a free Skype account are provided. Your computer must have a web-camera feature or have one connected for video transmission.


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DOT Specimen Collector "Train the Trainer"

Transmetron offers the most comprehensive qualification training program available for DOT specimen collectors and collector trainers/monitors. This Train the Trainer course includes the full Specimen Collector online course, plus the additional TRAINER module.

This convenient online "Train The Trainer" course is intended for those who wish to become qualified as a Specimen Collector Trainer to act as the Qualified Monitor for other specimen collectors.


This course also includes all documents and forms from the Collector training course, plus many additional documents/forms for the Monitor/Trainer to utilize in training others.


Note: Specimen Collector Trainers must be trained as qualified collectors, including completion of the proficiency demonstration. This course provides in-depth training in the DOT rules & regulations and collection procedures -- and the training and certificate are good for five (5) years!


After completion of Transmetron’s online Collector Trainer course, you are eligible to receive an additional discount on the purchase of our online Collector Training courses for students that you train. If you wish, you may resell the courses.


Our online DOT Specimen Collector Training Courses allow your Collector students to complete the required rules and regulations training at their own pace, making your job easy! All you need to do is verify completion for each student (after taking this course, they will have a certificate as proof). And then the Trainer simply completes the five required mock collections (the collector proficiency demonstration) with the student.



Transmetron's Online Collector Train-The-Trainer Course prepares the learner to act as the “Qualified Monitor” for other Specimen Collector students in the future. The Certification is good for 5 years.


After completing our online Collector Train-The-Trainer Procedures course, the Collector Trainer student must complete their Collector training according to the DOT rules. This includes completion of their own proficiency demonstration with a qualified monitor within 30 days of completing the online procedures course.


After completing your own “Trainer” training, all you need to do for each person you wish to train (or re-train) as a Specimen Collector for DOT Specimen Collections is:


1 - Purchase our online Collector procedures course (you'll get these at a huge discounted rate!),


2 - Then within 30 days of their completion of the online Collector procedures course, get together with them and complete their proficiency demonstration class.


All of the forms and documents you will need are included for you to save/print when you take our online Collector Train-The-Trainer course.


Bonus! You will also receive an extremely detailed Trainer/Monitor Class Instruction Document that outlines how to run your proficiency demonstration class with your Collector Students -- to ensure compliance with the Federal Regulations.



We are your "Training Partner"!


We provide this ongoing assistance to you because we realize that to be fully proficient or knowledgeable; you will later experience a variety of real-life collection issues that cannot all be covered in your initial training. So... when the "odd" or "unusual" happens to you for the first time during a collection and you are not certain of the correct action to take, call us. We are here to help you!


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Training Process (for most classes)
  1. 1.  Look thru our selection of training options below and choose the class or classes that are best for you.


  2. 2.  Order and pay for your training class or classes


  3. 3.  You will receive an email confirmation of the training, along with pre-class study materials.


  4. 4.  For web - internet based training, you will receive a link to the on-line training course (passkey is required).


  5. 5.  For classes that require mocks in real time (DOT: UDS, BAT & STT), you must schedule your web cam mock observation by calling 801-596-2709.


  6. 6.  Upon completion of the class requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Training showing that you have been certified!


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