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Certified Professional DNA Collector Training Course

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Complete Certified Professional DNA / Paternity Collector Training course covers all aspects of the DNA collection process from start to finish.  Upon successful completion of the course students are well prepared to conduct buccal swab collections.

DNA Course Description / Training Objectives


  • To extend or expand your current collection offering.  If you are already a collection site for DOT Urine Drug Screen collections, DNA collections will expand your customer base!
  • To increase your personal value or extend your resume.  Expand your knowledge (and potential income) by gaining additional skills.
  • Start your own DNA Specimen Collection Business.
  • Once you have completed the course, you can offer both legally admissible and curiosity DNA testing services.


Students take our courses for a variety of reasons and for an even wider variety of applications. Professionals who utilize these courses to advance their careers include:

  • New DNA Collectors wanting to work in the DNA industry
  • Current Collection Facility Collectors, Managers, Administrators and Owners
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Program Administrators
  • Doctors, Nurses and Medical Assistants
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Government Program Administrators
  • DNA Paternity Testing Specialists
  • Occupational Medicine Physicians and Professionals
  • Ancestry and Genealogy Experts
  • Occupational Medicine Physicians and Professionals


  • This is a study at your own pace course.  You are not rushed to complete course unit sessions so you can take your time to get most out of the course.  Simply pause the course at any time and go back to where you left off.  Or, when you are done, go back and review the entire course at no cost.
  • Our interactive learning system is engaging and thorough allowing for maximum learning and content retention.
  • State compliant training.  This course meets or exceeds the training requirements in all 50-statesHowever, some states may require additional licensing or permitting prior to conducting DNA collections.


This course normally takes one to two hours to complete.  Your training time may be longer or shorter to complete depending on student pace, reading, and comprehension.



Course Description

This Professional DNA Collector training course includes collection site preparation, donor verification, buccal collection process, handling of DNA samples, completion of required paperwork, chain of custody, preparation of the DNA sample that can be sent to any DNA testing laboratory for testing.
DNA Paternity Specimen Collector Training is an online training course that includes virtual mock collections, training materials, and a comprehensive online course.  Students learn at their own pace with our comprehensive online training program that uses videos, documents, resources, and PowerPoint presentations.
DNA specimen collection is a useful add-on offering for any testing business, law firm, or ancestry service. This process may be necessary for any inquiry that is dependent on the determination of a child’s paternity, and the training will benefit anyone in the collection facility industry as well.

Training Objectives

  • Successful students will be able to conduct collections and testing according to the relevant DNA collection protocols for the testing modality when provided with relevant and dynamic collection scenarios with exemplary proficiency.
  • Successful students will be able to express an understanding of industry terms and the protocols involved by completing an online quiz with 85% or greater proficiency.



Online Training

You may start or stop course presentations at any time and return to finish a section as needed. Once you have completed this course and received your certificate, you are ready start collecting DNA specimens!

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Training Process (for most classes)
  1. 1.  Look thru our selection of training options below and choose the class or classes that are best for you.


  2. 2.  Order and pay for your training class or classes


  3. 3.  You will receive an email confirmation of the training, along with pre-class study materials.


  4. 4.  For web - internet based training, you will receive a link to the on-line training course (passkey is required).


  5. 5.  For classes that require mocks in real time (DOT: UDS, BAT & STT), you must schedule your web cam mock observation by calling 801-596-2709.


  6. 6.  Upon completion of the class requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Training showing that you have been certified!


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